Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why do you want to live in Buenos Aires, part 2

In part 1, I dealt with why I decided to leave Houston, which was sad. It's a great city, because it has great people, attracts great people and institutions that enable the abilities of great people. I miss my friends. [Do they miss you? -- editor. Probably not as much.]

Why did I choose Buenos Aires?

The answer depends on how complicated an answer you are looking for. In a way, it's this simple: Buenos Aires has been listed as the 3rd cheapest city in the world, and the first 2 weren't that desirable to me.

Ok, it's really more complicated than that. Some people on a message board which I frequent had moved down here. They all loved it. Friends and acquantainces that had moved down all loved it too. And, looking for adventure and possible b-school boost, I made the decision to go. Although I probably wasn't too clear about it to my friends and family, when I decided not to get a place with Andrew in mid-January, I had decided to move to Argentina. It will take 3 months to get there from that time.

So what had I heard was great about Buenos Aires that made me decide to move: safest Latin American city (this is in dispute, but it is generalmente very safe in mi barrio), very cheap, best steaks in the world, best Malbecs in the world and vino tinto muy fabuloso (red wine very fabulous), soccer crazy, beautiful architecture, beautiful nation overall, beautiful women, great restaurants, great nightlife, a lifestyle I like, and very inexpensive services.

That's so many good things in one package. How could I not move? If only they had some center-right politics (eg, common sense and love of freedom. same thing), it'd be perfecto.

What was really important to me in that list (in relative order): cost of living, safety, food, soccer crazy, lifestyle, services, pretty women. We'll see if this holds up when I get there.

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