Sunday, May 4, 2008

Allison Stokke? No.*

I start Spanish classes Monday at noon. I'm pretty pumped about the deal I found. I'm paying a ridiculously low rate, I'm going to pay by check, it's closeby in Soho. Because I want a group class, they're going to give me private lessons until they find other people to take the class with me. Therefore, I get the best of both private lessons and group class, while paying a very low rate for the group class.

I feel a little bad not hiring the girl my age. She works for herself (I have a strong bias towards entrepreneurs) but she's 3 times as expensive. There are some positives to choosing her, but ultimately it doesn't make as much sense. Having met with her, I have a decent idea as to her quality, so if things don't go as planned I'll switch to her. However, as I said previously, I may use her assistance in opening a bank account. And I think that after a month or so in class, I may switch to her. Despite the cost difference, it wasn't as easy a decision as it probably sounds.

At dinner, I was explaining to a friend the pros and cons of both choices. He looked at me and said, "So she wasn't that cute, huh?"


* This is a cultural reference. Seriously.

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