Sunday, May 11, 2008

Assertions Argentines have made to me

Since I've been here, various Argentinos have claimed to me that their country has the best: steaks, wine, women, pizza, and ice cream.

Steaks -- the cuts are different, but I have yet to have a bad steak. I am not a steak connoisseur, but my guess is that this is true. The bife is phenomenal.

Wine -- I agree that they have the best Malbecs, but they don't have enough variety to have the best wines. I'd personally go with the US because of the diversity, although I tend to love wines from New Zealand and Australia. I think French wines are overrated, but perhaps I am not entirely objective. So put this one down as true, but only one-dimensionally.

Women -- I'll go with true on this one. The girls here are very attractive. As one of their sayings go (or at least as I understood it), the angels must be falling from heaven today.

Pizza -- I haven't had that many pizzas here, but to me this is just not true. Give me pizza on the east coast any time. It's a little too greasy and cheesy for me here, plus they tend to cook whole olives on the surface of the pizza (see pictures previously) which gives an olive taste around that spot.

Ice Cream -- In Argentina's eternal quest to be Italy (kidding), their helado is pretty fantastic. I'm not qualified to say whether it's better than gelato, but Argentine tiramisu helado would probably be my current pick for dessert at my last meal.

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