Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bring it.

The CFA is in 5 weeks today. It's horrible, but I haven't really started studying. I'm halfway through the 3rd of 6 books, and it's...a facile reading.

Without spending lots of time explaining, I'm not sure how to delineate how far behind I am. The best I can do is to give you my best statistical estimation -- and yes, I think it's quite accurate. If you took your average CFA candidate (anyone who has even heard of the CFA is definitely significantly above average IQ) and put them in my situation, there's about a 2-4% chance of passing Level 1.

Game on. I love pressure. If I don't pass Level 1 June 15th, I am staying in Buenos Aires for another year and not applying to business school. Hold me to this. If I donkey up the CFA, it's not my time yet.

Trained monkeys can pass the bar exam (no offense to the law students). So let's see how I do on the CFA (which has a lower passage rate than any bar exam).


Jenn said...

I'm above average IQ!

Christi said...

You do know the CFA is also the "Cat Fanciers' Association" Just sayin'.