Sunday, May 25, 2008

I should have been reading for the CFA

Yesterday I went to the zoo. And actually remembered to bring the camera along.

I took the D line down to the A line, to the stop where we were meeting. I had heard that the A line of the subway has crazy cars. And in fact, I felt like I was in a movie.

Pretty cool, those wooden benches with the old school lighting. The doors you actually had to manually open and close for each stop. Meaning that occasionally someone wouldn't close the door and it would be open. Clearly Argentina doesn't have the number of trial lawyers that we have in the US. Somehow their society has survived anyway.

We met close to the Argentina Congress. They've got a bunch of plazas and parks. And because Argentines love their dogs, there was this random enclosure where people apparently leave their dogs? Weird.

Here's a picture of Congress.

Here's another picture of Congress. Neither are that great. I couldn't be bothered to get closer. ?Deal with it.

Flamingos at the first exhibit when you walked into the park.

Nice beak.

Manew? This was the last picture I took at a regular exhibit (we were at like the 5th exhibit). I'm not much of a picture taker. Requires too much discipline.

This is what happens when you feed fish from the bridge. Mass carnage. That swan amused me.


This was at the kid's area. Yes, as always, I am wearing the same Kappa warmup that dates back to my junior year of high school. I would be lost without it.

I am flying. Should've taken a movie while I flapped those wings.

The story of the zoo is actually pretty interesting. It started around 15 years ago as an ice cream store out in the suburbs called Munchi's, with some livestock hanging around. Apparently it became popular, in part for the helado and in part for livestock. Eventually, with some 3rd party capital invested in it, Munchi's became a full-on zoo as well as a chain of ice cream stores.

Afterwards, I went to dinner with 5 Dutch girls.


Nik said...

5 Dutch girls? You must have been in heaven. Either that, or by the end of the meal, they were completely sick and tired of you claiming to be Dutch. In which'd probably still have had a great time. It is you we're talking about here.

Evan said...

Dutch girls!

Jenn said...

What is a manew?

Evan said...

Manew was one of our cats growing up. Why manew? Ha.


OLPCBlog said...

Awesome.. and props!

Renea said...

That's impressive, Evan -- finding 5 Dutch ladies in that city!?! I'll have to admit, I love those pics of argentina -- bring back such great memories...ahh, gotta' love that city! :) Hey, BTW, your place in Belgrano sounds really awesome!