Friday, May 2, 2008

Mi apartamento

My bed. Not made terribly well, my maid hasn't been here for a few days.

Some things never change. This is where I spend all my time. When I move into a new place in early July (or buy a place), I will make sure this a little more comfortable.

More of the apartment. It looks kinda dark in here, not sure why.

You remember that post where I said that the neighbors were having a party outside my window? Well this patio is literally outside my window (but a story down). The party got to be a little annoying as the libations kicked in, as they kept ramping up the music volume. The party was still going when I came back to my apartment at midnight. No idea how long it lasted, as I left the apartment again.

This is looking the other way from my little patio. You can see the Subte sign (Carranza) on the left and a cute little park on the right. Yes, I live very close to the train. It kinda sucks.

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