Friday, May 9, 2008

Pictures from when I actually remember to take them

This was my pizza a week or so ago from the pizza shop around the corner (literally about 40 yards of walking distance from my door). I ordered a ham pizza. Little did I know that this meant the entire pizza was covered in ham. It was weird at first, but I dug it. I wasn't too into the olives. Note the faina, which I had to pay extra for.

I went out just now in search of a late night snack and didn't really find anything open. But I did find an ice cream shop called Cumelen. No idea what that means. It was very cute; I would've taken some pictures, but I don't normally carry my camera on me. The little button on the left is a little wooden chip with a magnet on the back. They handpainted their name and phone number on the chip. Very cute-- I'm a sucker for things like this. Next to it is their list of flavors. They explained to me that they deliver "muy rapidamente." Sweet. They could probably tell they'd found a sucker repeat customer.

My takeout ice cream. This probably doesn't capture the size. Also, I intend to do a longer post on the ice cream here eventually, but this is Tiramisu and Frutilla de la Crema (Strawberries and Cream). In Buenos Aires, you get multiple flavors. Learn it, love it, be unable to ever live without it again. Also OMG TIRAMISU!!!!!!!1!!!11!!111

There are the keys to my apartment. On the left is the apartment key, and the right is the key to the building. Keys look a little different here. The locks are completely different too. You stick these in sideways, instead of vertical like in the US. And...oh, i'll just take a picture of the lock to my apartment. Un momento.

I'm forever asking myself the question: are BAires locks more likely to be safe than American locks? The patriot in me would like to assume that Americans are likely to have the best. Plus, most of these locks don't look new. But the extranjero in me thinks that although personal safety seems high in this country, property safety might not be as high, so perhaps they have better locks as a result of this incentive. Anyone who knows the answer will have my respect.


Nik said...

Well, your kind of lock would be less susceptible to being picked with a bump key. Watch the video, the whole idea is a little scary.

They're also a bit harder to pick, at least as far as I am aware. The keys and locks are not as easy to manufacture, nor are they quite as convenient as tumbler locks (American style, baby!).

Jenn said...

I'm confused about the faina stuff. Is that on the whole pizza when you get it or just that one slice?

I love olives. I want me some Argentine pizza.

Matt and I are making plans to visit imminently. Though I suppose we should wait until after the CFA? When is a good time?

Evan said...

The faina on that pizza was just on that slice. And I had to pay like 60 cents (US) for that slice of faina too.

On other pizzas, the faina will come with it, and be on one or two slices. I think it's possible to get a pizza and a whole faina pizza to go on top, but I haven't seen it done.

Evan said...

Nik --

Somehow I knew that if anyone would know, it would be you.

That bump key is pretty freaky. It's actually pretty weird how insecure our property often is in the US, and yet we don't have that much problems with crime.