Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An epic failure

I re-read my post about pointy-toed shoes, and wow, what an epic failure. It was supposed to be funny, somewhat tongue-in-cheek (I do hate pointy-toed shoes) and instead it just sounded kinda misogynistic. Maybe I'll delete the post, or try to re-write it.

As Raybould used to tell me all the time, I'm not really that funny.


"Raybould" said...

Although I have no idea what misogynistic means, the pointy shoe post was a bit harsh. Key words contributing to this feeling were "Honey" and "Calves."

I see where you were going with it though. I personally don't mind pointy toed shoes, but do have a strong dis-like for those huge bug eye sun glasses that are popular.

As far as humor goes, thanks for that rap graphs post, haven't laughed that hard in a while.

I'm enjoying the blog (but I'm married, which apparently isn't your target demographic).

MJM said...

I agree with Tim, I also have no idea what misogynistic means and possibly the post was a bit harsh. However, I found it entertaining and in the end, thats why I read... don't delete.