Monday, June 16, 2008

Plaza Holanda

As I said, my sister said she wanted more pictures. Since my sister is awesome, I'll try to comply. Last Thursday I woke up and went running at sunrise. It was glorious. Cold, but definitely one of those times that makes you happy to be alive.

Remember that park I said I run in? The one that becomes a tranny park at night? That would be Plaza Holanda. Dutch Plaza. Oh yeah. I went running at sunrise, so let's just say there were were still a few "girls" there. They weren't really wearing very much considering how cold it was. No pictures of that; I know you're disappointed.

This is down Avenida Libertador, looking towards Recoleta. The beginning of the park is on the left of the picture.

The first time I walked around at 8am here, I was surprised by how many people were outside watering their sidewalk. This picture probably sucks (it's hard for me to keep my hands still enough to take non-blurry pictures), but it's on la calle Paraguay. Hopefully you can at least see that the guy is watering his sidewalk. While it looks odd, it does make some sense because dogs poop all over the sidewalk. This is many ex-pats biggest complaint about Buenos Aires: dog poop all over the sidewalk. Yeah, there's alot.

This is Avenida Juan B Justo. You can see the beginning of the sunrise over the building/train tracks.

Juan B Justo becomes Bullrich on the other side of Santa Fe. And there's this huge islamic complex. By the way, the crescent at the top of the steeple looks really strange to me. My question is: where are the Muslims? For such a gigantic complex, I'd assume that I'd occasionally see an Arab-looking person or whatnot. No. I guess in a city of 13 million, this could be the place for all of them dispersed throughout the city. I will say that there are definitely ethnic enclaves in this city, so perhaps one of them is south of me in Palermo. Wouldn't be terribly surprising.

There's an island in the middle of the pond at Plaza Holanda with a rose garden. The schedule said it was supposed to be open, but there was a padlock on the gate. Life in Latin America, I guess.

This is the only thing that looked particularly Dutch.

I took more pictures, but my camera doesn't have them. Odd. I need new batteries, so maybe that's why.


Jenn said...

What size do you post your photos? Should I be posting mine larger?

Evan said...

I just take them off my camera.

I have almost zero interest in photography. I do know that your pictures look good, and tasty