Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some restaurant reviews

Unless otherwise noted, all places are in Palermo.

Campo Bravo -- Laura and I went here. Probably had the best service I've had, they give you free glasses of red wine and champagne (I think this is standard), the waitress was very cute. Until it took like an hour to get the check, the service was great. Ambience was very good. Everything was pretty good -- impressive wine list -- but my entree was pretty underwhelming. I've also seen a Campobravo in Las Canitas, so I think there may be a few of them.

Piola -- Service was bad even by Argentine standards. I didn't pick this place, but apparently it's an international chain of restaurants that started in Italy. Personally, I didn't like the pizza. It's in Recoleta. There was a free round of after-dinner drinks of some frozen lemon thing that was excellent.

Romario -- I get this pizza alot because I can order on the internet. It's ok.

Pizza Pet -- Very near me, I also get this pizza alot. I've started to like it more and more.

Casita China -- getting the fried rice with chicken delivered to me is a pretty standard meal when I don't want to go out. It's next door to my current apartment.

Aire Creacocina -- my favorite restaurant here so far. I wrote a post on it. Awesome.

Sudestada -- My American friends say this is the only spicy food in town. It's good, this is one of my favorite restaurants because it's different -- a fusion of Southeastern Asian foods. On the other hand, if you drive down Bellaire Blvd in Houston and pick any of the 1000 little restaurants where they don't speak English, you will definitely get more authentic food.

Divinia Patagonia -- Foods from Patagonia (plains and Andes mountain area in Argentina). There was an NYTimes review on the door, so Joe and I checked it out. I was a bit underwhelmed at the time, but the food has improved with memory. Not sure how to explain that, except to say that I think perhaps I underappreciated some of it -- especially the appetizers -- at the time.

Barcelona -- In Belgrano. I was pretty underwhelmed by my food, though this place is more of a bar/restro than an actual restaraunt.

Hmm. I've been more places, but this is all I can think of off the top of my head.

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