Thursday, July 31, 2008

Buenos Aires Dining Suggestions

1. Executive Menu. Almost all the fancy restaurants have menus ejecutivos, which is a lunch menu. It's usually 3 courses, or 2 courses and a drink and about $30 pesos ($10 USD). It's a great way to sample different dishes at different restaurants cheaply. That way if you aren't sure you like a place, you don't have to waste the time and money on dinner.

2. Don't get fish. It's not that common to see fish on the menu here, but I have yet to have a fish entree that was that great. Portenos don't eat fish in restaurants, and I guess that's why the fish in restaurants isn't that good. If you are coming from the US, you will be so disappointed by the fish entrees in comparison with home.

3. Live in Palermo Viejo, preferably in Hollywood. Soho isn't bad either. You just can't beat the restaurants in Hollywood.

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