Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Restaurant Reviews

This is prompted by my credit card statement, because it reminds me of a few restaurants I've eaten at recently.

Sudestada -- So, I've eaten there a few times. And despite previously thinking that one of the waitresses is one of the cutest girls on earth, I didn't like her new hair cut. Hmm. But this meal, which I'm pretty sure was entirely the same as one I'd eaten before, was amazing. It goes to show you that there is variability in dishes. It's also weird that I usually let my friend John order for me when we go here. Normally I'd pick the opposite because I'm stubborn. Maybe being friends with Perez has taught me that occasionally it's best to defer. (You've heard the story about how we hated each other at first, right?)

Olsen -- This is the sister of a famous restaurant in...Spain, I think. I'm too lazy to look it up, but it's a Norwegian (?) restaurant. It's really good. Hance, Liang and I went there. We didn't have reservations so we had to sit outside on a really cold night. They provide blankets. It's expensive, but really good. The appetizer was phenomenal (is that really the first time I've had caviar?) the main course was quite good as well.

Aire -- I've written that this is my favorite restaurant, and I continue to like it. It's quite good, although the entrees are the weakest part as of yet. Will this be my first date restaurant? It's looking like it.

La Espuela -- Betty, J Hance and I went to this place in Canitas. Diego joined us later. The ambience was great, except that they were showing a movie. Uh, what? The food was great, except that they only had 2 steaks left. Uh, seriously? Mine was more done than medium (this is normal is this foreshadowing), but excellent.

Morichu -- I went here the last night in my old apartment. Wow, bad. I ordered my steak "jugoso" which is equivalent to rare in the US. Except that Argentines cook their steaks more than we do in the US. Jugoso here is equivalent to medium rare in the US. Except that this was really rare. And totally bland. Too rare, too bland. But huge. I was disappointed. Still, I ordered Tiramisu for dessert. Horrendous! The exact same thing: huge portion, but no taste. Avoid Morichu at all costs.

Bonito / Jungada-- Some Argentine friends picked this. My steak was good, but definitely below average for Buenos Aires, Palermo Hollywood. I was the only one in the group to get alcohol with dinner, and it was a HUGE glass of red wine, but a little bit pricey (well, relatively speaking). The wine wasn't amazing either, though not bad.

Punta Brasas -- Joe and I ate at a restaurant next door when this place was protested. The food was pretty blah here, honestly. I won't go back.

Soberbia -- John says this place is good. The executive menu one day wasn't fantastic. I'll give it another shot and report back.

Standard -- Not really my type of menu, but excellent for what it was.

Social Paraiso -- Betty and I both had steaks, and they were awesome. Highly recommended. One of the few times I've ventured over into Soho instead of staying in Hollywood. However, there's an all you can eat steak place for like $9 US, so I'm going to go stuff myself silly sometime soon.


Jenn said...

Who are all these people you mention?

OLPCBlog said...

Sorry, but Olsen is a Scandinavian restaurant, definitely one of my favorites as well.