Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apropos my last post, I've been thinking about things I can't live without.

Buenos Aires is almost as hot and almost as humid as Houston, so obviously put air conditioning during the summer as something I have to have*. I did the living in a hot place without air conditioning before, and I plan on never ever ever doing it again. I don't have AC in my room right now. My roommate's room apparently has AC, so we might switch rooms. If not, I'm definitely going to be moving come December 1st.

I may be mildly ascetic, but why labor if you can't live in relative homeostatic efficiency?

Interestingly, spanish doesn't have a translation for "to afford." My dictionary translates this as permitirse, but somehow "I permit myself" doesn't seem quite the same to me.

* We're in the southern hemisphere right now, so we are just now entering spring. Glorious, glorious spring. You are possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

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