Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pictures around BsAs

This is a picture of the Chinatown of Buenos Aires. It is a grand total of 1 street that is 2 blocks long. So look closely.

Carrot marmelade! Yum! I don't know if this is an Asian thing or what, but the thought of carrot jelly does not make me hungry. Moments after taking this picture in the Asian grocery store, I was yelled at and told not to take pictures. What the heck? 3 minutes later my friend Reggie was yelled at for having his bookbag in the store. They are all about the customer service in Buenos Aires, especially in Chinatown.

In case you forgot that you are in Chinatown, they're gonna make sure you get it. If only the sign was more redundant.

If you want peanut butter here, you go to Chinatown. Look how cute the Skippy is. Don't those peanuts look happy that you are going to eat them?

I should mention that we'd just eaten at a Chinese restaurant. Before the meal I predicted that it would be just like cheap Chinese food in the US, only not quite as good. I have mad prognostication skillz!!!!11

This is one of the parks next to the train station, which is next to Chinatown. This was a pretty weak picture, I admit.

Random shot looking northward along Juramento.

This is Cabildo and Juramento, looking back towards downtown. Of course, I am not that far from the outskirts of the city limits at this point.

If you get an email from me and there are weird pronunciation, this is why. I spilled wine on my keyboard and had to buy a new one here -- although I was strangely charmed by my keys sticking for about 2 months. If you look closely, not everything is the same. For example, look at where the ; should be...it ain't there. Also, all the symbols above the numbers are different, which can throw you off.
I should mention that buying the keyboard doesn't change what you type. If I configured my keyboard to the spanish version, then the picture above would be correct.

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