Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worst meal in Argentina, oustide of Santa Rosa

Was wandering around Recoleta today, and saw a restaurant I'd seen a few times before, so I decided to stop in. Worst. Meal. Here.

It's kinda a cool looking place from the outside. It's all white inside, which is cool because of the way the sun hits the place during the mid-day. (Inside, some of the white looks kinda old). I'm pretty sure the name of the place was Pacheco. I got the tarta of the day, which turned out to be the grossest Spinach tarta I can imagine (I do love fresh spinach, but not-fresh spinach is nasty). Bad. Next was the risotto of chicken. It would've been ok, if they hadn't forgotten the flavor. Oh, and iwould've been ok if they'd taken some fat off the chicken, as well as the gristle and maybe removing everything else bad.

Dessert was a fruit salad, which was passable and somewhat sizeable, although I'm pretty sure I tasted the Del Monte syrup. On the other hand, by that point I had finished the thinking I was doing while eating, so I really just wanted to exit.

And now it's 1:30am and I am going to go catch a taxi to a party. Life in Argentina, ship it.


Jenn said...

Buenos Aires was featured in one of my foodie mags recently - as in, here's a place you can travel over the holidays and have an amazing cheap meal. I'll have to look up the restaurant they cited and see if you've been...

Evan said...

If I ever travel just to go to a restaurant, it better to be to El Bulli (spelling?). I'm semi-tempted to try to get on the list to go over there. But the overall expense is pretty ridiculous.

My guess is that I haven't been there, because the travel/food writers who come here tend to go to Puerto Madero/centro/recoleta. In my opinion, the best restaurants are in Palermo, and they tend to miss them (which is dumb, since Palermo is expat central).

Jenn said...

I have heard that El Bulli is not that expensive for a meal (French Laundry can be much more expensive, I think). But honestly, I think FL is much more my style, EB would be a cool experience but confusing the whole time. You can get a very similar experience eating at Grant Atchez (sp?) Alinea here in the USA.

Anyway it's basically impossible to get a meal at El Bulli. Though, I hear someone who got one auctioned it off for charity one year, which is kind of cool.