Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That mark

A few months ago -- I'm going to guess I was dancing in a boliche, because I am notoriously bored while dancing -- I noticed that every Argentine girl I've seen has this little round indentation on the outside of her upper arm.

It's obviously some sort of leftover after a shot. But it's just so ubiquitous here, whereas I have never noticed it on any other nationality. I assume the guys have the mark too, but I don't see nearly as many upperarms on chicos. Oh, and older women here don't have the mark.

I've looked on the internet and didn't find anything. So I guess they just have some different kind of shot here. The funny thing is that while I once found this mark slightly unattractive, I'm starting to find it sexy.


Emily said...

it probably polio. old polio vaccines used to leave a round mark on the arm permanently

Nik said...

Polio is my guess, too. Both my parents have one. Round and kinda flower looking. I've also seen dots, or weird football/ouzo (i.e. oblong but pointy) shaped marks for various vaccinations.

Evan said...

i buy it.

i guess i just don't understand why i don't see it on older people here if it's older vaccines. and why i haven't seen it more in the US.