Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yo soy de Boca

Yesterday went to the game. Didn't take too many pictures. See below.

While we lost last game, we won this one 2-1 on dos tantos de Riquelme. It's pretty crazy that Boca has Riquelme, who makes multiples more than anyone else in the Argentine league. It's totally a privilege to get to watch him. It's funny, because even Boca fans seem to be love/hate with him. They love him because he is effective, but they hate him because he is supposedly a pecho frio. Literally translated to "cold breast." It's hard to describe him. If you grew up playing soccer with me, I have a feeling we'd have described Danny that way if we were Argentines (although Daniel was so clutch in high school that it's not fair). You were frequently pissed off watching him play because sometimes he just seemed lazy, yet somehow at the end of the game he has a hat trick.

Anyway, like Danny, Riquelme has a ton of talent. It's pretty awesome getting to watch him play, even if he sometimes appears to play effortlessly.

I was pretty amazed that I managed to snatch this action shot. That tattoo on the inside of random che's right leg is the Boca shield. Boquenses (boca fans) are passionate, let me assure you.

My view from where I sat stood. Also, whenever something exciting happened, you'd have people climbing up to the top of that fence. Which kinda scared me -- how firm can fences be? -- but so far so good. Obviously, it was my first night game here.

Definitely not a great vantage point, but pretty intense. I was right underneath the doce. There was a girl next to me who came alone to the game and was just incredibly intense. Somehow that was very attractive. Hard to describe what it's like to be there. Everyone starts singing pregame. When the opposing team comes out, I'm pretty sure the whistling decreased my high-end frequency hearing. At halftime, everyone immediately grabs the best real estate near where they are standing for sitting. People are screaming at the ref for every call (mostly calling him gay (puto) or a son of a prostitute (hijo de puta) and plenty of other things I probably just don't understand).

Like many things here, it is intense. When Boca scores, the crowd just goes nuts.

Anyway, we are up 2 points in the league with 2 games left in the season. Our last two games are relatively weak opponents. Next week is away, and then the last game is home. Obviously I'm going to go to the last game of the season, and hope I don't experience any hooliganism. I can definitely see the crowd rioting if we win the championship at home. Heck, even this week I was definitely knocked over in the crowd a few times. Standard, and awesome.

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