Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Day in the Life

People often ask me if I can describe a typical day in my life. Well, not sure what's typical. Here's what I did today:

9:30am Wake up. Check email. I'm tired, so I go back to bed.

Noon Wake up again. Bum around, ponder where I'm going to move. Talk to Brendan on gchat. Do some work on web development that I am working on in Django. Again, I spend half my time frustrated beyond belief because I have no idea what's going on and because patience is not in my nature. Again wonder if this project is a pipedream...

1:45 Decide I am hungry.

2 Arrive at lunch place after nice little saunter through my neighborhood. Go to Lobby, which is a change, as I think I've been to Sudestada three days in a row for lunch. Excellent salad, quite good pasta main course, very tasty brownie for dessert. Excellent food, really can't complain. Costs me $8 USD including my drink, but I get mildly tilted by how slow the service is for the entire restaurant. Really, when you have 2 levels and an outside, you need more than 2 waiters. I halve my tip in annoyance, and try to remember that I am an estadounidense (the ugliest word ever pronounced imo) in Argentina.

3:30 Get home. Check email, think about my investments, ponder some trades. On my walk home, I passed some condos being built...they are superswanky and in the perfect location. I think about buying one, and decide to go check it out soon...even though I have resolved not to buy real estate here. Go back to work on Django.

4:45 I want a massage, my life has been so stressful lately. Ha, who am I kidding, I just want a massage. Go to my masseuse. For the first time ever, she isn't there. I get some older woman who certainly didn't mail it in...but she wasn't deep tissue enough, my style of massage, nor was she nearly as pretty as my usual therapist.

6 Get back home. Django, django. Also listen to Shakira because I can count listening to Shakira as productive, as I am theoretically picking up Spanish.

7 Talk to Andrew and Will for a little over an hour. Definitely good friends. Will and I have very similar tastes in lots of things, from undergrad to law school to church. Not sure if there's anyone in my life that pushes my buttons better than Will. Andrew and I met pretty soon after I got to Rice. Don't think either of us realized at the time that we both have a very similar outlook on life -- very probabilistic, very analyzed -- but got around to it after college. If I want to assess odds on any nonlinear matter, I'd call him.

8pm A little django.

8:?? - 10ish Somewhere in here, I got lazy and took a nap. which is not good...

11 National championship. Watch online and talk to some people. Try to speak Spanish in my conversations online. Frequently give up and get lazy. Am somewhat productive in various things, ship a decent amount of money and EV.

2am Game is over, ship ship Florida. I <3 Urban Meyer's offensive schemes (check Smart Football if you want to know all about the latest and greatest in schemes) and I love Tim Tebow's intensity. Although I thought OU would beat them (though imo Texas Tech and UTexas were better than OU), Florida had some definite positive variance, Meyer may have outschemed and outadjusted and Tebow is Tebow. Also, keep in mind that American football is an incredibly high-variance game, although maybe not as much as soccer (though soccer is generally less variance in its champions...topic for another day.)

It's now 3am, and I have to go to bed. I've mostly written this post and bummed around for awhile.

Tomorrow Andres and I are supposed to go wander around Moron, which is a part of the city (suburbs, really) I've never been to. Strangely though, Moron is the hometown of the mother of a American girl I used to go out with. We will see if I get around to taking pictures.


Anonymous said...

Cuales son los dificultades con django? Has hecho todos los projectos comenzarios?

Tim said...

How's learning python going? Let me know if you want me to do any work on the front-end for you.

Also, off-topic, but I recently wrote a post that corroborates your claims about the starwood AMEX. It's here.