Saturday, January 10, 2009

Exploring the suburbs.

Friday, Andres and I decided to go explore. We had some technical difficulties getting started, but eventually met at the train station. After calling a friend in Moron, I realized (read: he pointed out) that we weren't taking the Moron line...we were taking the San Martin line. Ok. After sprinting to the train station, I came up with just enough time to hop on the train. We hop on the train, start talking...and then we hit the last stop before we know it. It's more than halfway through the county of San Martin.

We got off at the Suarez stop in the San Martin partido (county). First impression is that everything was closed. We walked a little bit, and then I stuck my hand out onto the street randomly and took a picture. It was this one. Andres said, "It'd be so typical if someone drove by and snatched the camera out of your hand."

Looking the other way. Underneath that bridge is the traintracks, and to the left is where the station is.

We stopped and I read all the ads at the inmobiliaria (real estate office). House for 45k? Maybe I am in the real estate market. Then we turned down the street and walked to see the residential area.

I took the picture above because I found it fascinating. Think about my vantage point, think about the sign, and then think about the road. Get it? The sign is completely invisible to any driver on the road. Maybe there's something I'm missing here....

The streets have no name...but does the church have no name? Well, that's why I took the picture, but afterwards Andres pointed out that there is indeed a name right underneath the overhang. Church of the New Apostle. I lose.

So...we walk by this house. Guy is pulling out of the driveway. I want to take a picture of the shoe on the roof (see picture). He's looking as us suspiciously, and so we sorta have to move on. We're not sure if he came back around to check on us again, but he clearly thought we were going to rob him. I have heard that Houston organized crime was infiltrating Buenos Aires, with people pulling out digital cameras in the light of day to use to ransack houses in the suburbs...

We wander around a little more. I finally find nice shoes I like to replace the shoes that I've wearing since like 1996...but of course, they are closed for siesta. Claro, this is not Capital. We start heading back to the train station, while talking about genetics...and everything is closed. So I took this picture. Really, everyone is one vacation, even more so than in Capital. Of like 7 shops in a row here, only the one is open.

We wander over to the over side of the tracks. Definitely didn't seem as well off. I took this picture because I thought it was amusing that what didn't seem to be terribly nice, yet had directv. Now if only Directv would put the playoff games on Sunday ticket (and Thanksgiving#!$@#%#$%^@)

Apparently certain phrases are universal. This is underneath the far side of the bridge from the 2nd picture.

Got back on the bridge train and took it to San Andres. Got off the train, and I snapped this pic. Apparently Rotary has some involvement (left side of picture). I think I'm just a sucker for carousels, although I feel like I see a carousel on every other corner here sometimes.

We stopped and hung out in this park for a little bit. Then we wandered back in this neighborhood and it was definitely a nice neighborhood around San Martin. We got ice cream (it was pretty underwhelming for both of us) and then realized we were both really tired.

As we approached the train station, I felt like walking to the next station. "C'mon, it can't be that far," I said. So we walked, which was nice.

After walking for awhile, we hit something I assume was a railway workers club. We had to go around it. There was this railroad line of dead railroad cars. I was fascinated by the one in the middle, because it seemed higher up than the others, also I liked the graffiti on the railway cars on the right. I've always admired graffiti art, what can I say? All that gang activity in Newark, what what?

We ended up walking all the way back to Capital. Then we took the train back. And man, I was something exhausted.


Jos said...

Great pics. I love Argentina. Heading to Mendoza next month. Wish I could move there permanently. . .


vickiv said...

I love graffiti art too! Crazy! You should read Getting Up by Craig Castleman- it's all about Subway Graffiti in New York! When I first moved to Houston- I actually researched graffiti artists and found out that Gonzo241was well known in H-town and I was so tempted to contact him and see if he could teach me to paint, but then chickened out thinking that might not be the smartest move for a single girl new to the city....