Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first mate (with my own set)

I finally got around to buying a mate set at the supermarket today. Presented in beautiful style on my bedroom floor, is the thermos, the yerba mate, the cup, and the straw.

Looking down at the open yerba bag. With the cup and straw inside. By the way, that straw cost me 40 pesos! I really don't understand how a metal straw can cost something equivalent to 40 dollars if I was in the US. Anyway, as I took this picture, the water was boiling upstairs. Then I poured it into the thermos.

So, after filling the cup 2/3 of the way up with yerba, you move it all to one side by tilting it. Then you fill it with near-boiling water on the empty side. I tried to get a picture of me doing this, but only succeeded in running out of battery power...and getting lots of pictures of my leg hair. I'll spare you those.

Action shot.

Edit: man, I have long eyelashes.

Ok, I have to go get ready for a party.


Emily said...

no its not - its from when you had chicken pox as a baby. we lived in houston so you were really little.

Evan said...

I guess I should note that I edited this post after Emily commented to take out the part Em was referring to.