Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Raindrops" keep falling on my head

So I was just wandering about my neighborhood, looking for photos that I need to illustrate two posts I want to write here. Sadly, I was only able to find one of them, so the breast advertisement post will just have to wait (how was that for a teaser...? probably anyone in BA knows exactly what I'm talking about though).

It took me awhile to find pictures for the other post...ahem, that'd be this one. That may be because everyone in this city is gone. Seriously, like half of the portenos I know are on vacation right now, and those that aren't seem to be planning their imminent vacation in the 2nd half of January. There are clubs that have shut down for the summer and moved to one of the beach towns, blah blah blah. Apparently it used to be even more so than it is now. But there are definitely less people in the street.

Anyway, walking around in Buenos Aires during the summer can make you occasionally feel lots of little raindrops. Funny, you think, it's not raining. Why do I feel raindrops? Let's take a look at two pictures, taken from the exact same spot, one looking down, and one looking up.

Walking along the sidewalk during the summertime, you normally see lots of puddles caused by air conditioners-- not today, of course, since I actually had a camera this time. That's because air conditioners here tend to be window units...with little hoses hanging off the side.

If you look, some of them actually had other ways of dealing with the condensed water byproduct. In fact, the entire puddle was caused by the air conditioner on the right, which has a little hose hanging down inbetween the unit and the building.

Now I recall reading somewhere that water produced as a byproduct is pure molecularly, so it's not a big deal, but I do still shudder a little when I get sprinkled and it's not raining.

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