Thursday, March 12, 2009

El Cine

Ceci and I saw the Watchmen today. Total price for the two of us? $5, ship that.

She wasn't too happy with my movie picking after the movie. It's a pretty complex movie -- and I think whenever you have subtitles, you lose some nuance* -- and it's three hours. It's all over the map, the story is occasionally difficult to follow, there's a ton of violence (the director is Zack Snyder of 300 and Sin City fame), blah blah blah. I will say that I thought there were some things in this movie that I thought were hilarious, but they were way too subtle for an Argentine audience. For example, the Pat Buchanan bit had me doubled over laughing out loud whereas no one else in the theater saw any humor at all.

I liked it quite a bit. I'm going to download it and watch it again. I noticed things in the movie that I don't normally notice: for instance, I enjoyed the songs they picked for the score, I enjoyed quite a bit of the visuals which normally don't impact me much. And yeah, it was complicated. So much so that I'm surprised it made it to #1. I mean, it's not Memento complicated, but it's not an easy movie. I will be fascinated to see if it has staying guess is that this movie is too complex for the American public.

Anyway, the first movie she and I saw together was Slumdog Millionaire, after which she thought I was a great movie picker. We followed that up with The Wrestler, which she stopped paying attention to after about the first 30 minutes and now The Watchmen. In fairness to me, we're normally wandering around the suburbs and then decide to show up to a movie. We show to a theater that has 3 options and I try to choose the best one. So I think I'm doing pretty fantastic.

* That's leaving aside the discussion I had the other day with some friends of whether Spanish is in fact a less-nuanced language than English.

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