Monday, August 10, 2009

Economic downturns, you suck...

...when you impact my life.

So apparently out of the 5 big Argentine clubs (Boca, River, San Lorenzo, Independiente, Estudiantes...actually, I think maybe that's Racing and not Estudiantes, but whatever), 4 are in debt. For this, the season does not begin this upcoming weekend.

Well, you guessed it, Boca is not debt. So I think they should just declare us champions. Dale dale Boca. all the same, it is frustrating: the tv stations and the soccer clubs are negotiating, because the soccer clubs want more money. As for now, the season is suspended and the government is about to intervene (color me an American, but this is not a sign of a healthy society...though I have to admit that our courts intervene...and they are a moderated form of our bifurcated society, so...)

And now I get to what was originally going to be the only part of my post: whenever I ask people here when the season begins, I get a sorta strange look for a second. I think that is because it is more normal here to use the word tournament than season. I just realized this now. Talking another language is sometimes frustrating.

also, i wanted to say in the post: new mutemath album. it's exciting; i'm still confused (which seems to be a frequent occurence for me with music these days).

hmm. I've started saying "for this" recently in English. I'm pretty sure I'm translating Spanish. Sigh, if I'm gonna think in Spanish when I talk English, I should really speak Spanish better.

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