Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today, today

Went running with a friend today, took the ol' camera along. Took the subway over to his place on Las Heras, then we went running up to the Coast. Wandered around the little convention centerish type thing (hey, there's a driving range, sweet!), then started heading down the coast.

Here's a little link to the map of where we were. Find the coast below the airport, follow up.

I sometimes wonder if people get a distorted sense of what it is like to live here when I post pictures like this. This is running up the coast. I think this is actually some little drainage ditch into the river. At first I thought that was a sunken-ish piece of machinery. Then I noticed that it appears to be in some sort of pool, if you note the concrete barrier. The sign on the sucker said something about ecological cleanup or something. Not sure if you can read it.

FYI, there are actually alot of expensive restaurants and clubs up here. Why is it that the water enchants people so much...especially at night?

I took this picture because there was a plane taking off right next to the road. Right after this plane took off, a plane landed on the same runway. Yep...I'm flying Aerolineas Argentinas soon!

Looking back from a little point sticking out into the river. On the far right you can see downtown in the distance. To the left of downtown you can see a club -- I think it's a club, and I'm sure it's somewhat famous whatever it is exactly.

This is the right half of the park. I just rotated 90 degrees and snapped another pictures. Off to the left was some playground equipment, but looks like you can't see it.

We kept running up the coast. We passed Santa Tierra (Holy Land) which appeared to be some sort of Catholic amusement park. Or at least I assume it was Catholic. Here's Evan's rule of thumb: if there's a body on the cross, it ain't Protestant. I just did some research and apparently the rest is some sort of private sports/pool park. Somehow I didn't here of it last summer, I guess...? It's not like I've been here forever, but at this point I do feel like I know Capital Federal pretty well, especially the richer neighborhoods.

If you follow that map from before, the road curves around the park and has a few UBA campuses on the right. We keep following the road and it turns into this. Thanks for the sidewalk! We walked on the side of the road with onrushing traffic right next to us. We got a few glares, but surprisingly no honks...and Portenos looooove to honk.

La casa de las gallinas. The stadium of River Plate.

Boca's stadium = much better. Though I do have a certain fondness for River's jersey, I have to admit.

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