Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ironies Abound

When I wander around the city on public transportation, I frequently bring my ipod shuffle on me, loaded with various podcasts, Ride songs, and maybe a Shakira album or two.

Sometimes I leave the earbuds in, but usually I take them out if I talk to people, even for the simplest interactions.

The other day I didn't take my earbuds out, though I had turned off the sound. I walked up to the ticket counter, said where I was going for the train and the cranky lady asked if I had 10 cents. No, I don't have any coins, I replied. She asked me again, I shook my head no. Then, visibly annoyed, she said "HELLO! DO YOU HAVE 10 CENTS?"

I was pretty amused, you cranky old bureaucrat you. I'm the one with the earbuds in, yet you are the one who lacks the auditory capability. I replied politely with a smile on my face 3 times and heard every word spoken, yet you utterly failed to pay me heed or notice that my facial expressions would have indicated that I had also responded. Also, cranky lady, I will continue to wait at the ticket counter until you remember to give me the ticket I've paid matter how annoyed you are.

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