Sunday, March 14, 2010

Been awhile

It's been about a year since I wrote here with any frequency. About a year ago I started dating my wife, and I guess I stopped having things to write about. The low hanging fruit of posts on cultural differences got picked, and it just became less important. Plus a few months ago I picked up one of my other online presences again, which consumes an embarrassing amount of my time for little gain.

These days I live in the suburbs. Of the approximately thirteen million people that are usually counted as being in Buenos Aires, about 10 of them are in the suburbs. So it's perhaps a more typical existence, but also at times a more frustrating one.

It takes me about an hour's journey to go to Sudestada now, which is frustrating. Meeting foreigners there for lunch is still one of the relatively few social opportunities that my new life has. I'm not sure I was really cognizant that moving would be such a change. And it's not a bad change, though the preceeding paragraph sounds like it. Just a change that is still happening. In the meantime, I'm studying for CFA level 2 which is in early June, a few days before the World Cup starts. I plan to pretty much watch every World Cup match, as I did last time. Then CAIA level 2 in Sept, which will mean another trip to Brazil.

And in other news, I'm reading Game Change. Not much reason to write more now.

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