Friday, April 23, 2010

How I Spent My Afternoon

Our house is extremely well-shaded. This is great in summer, but not so great in winter. Our house is cool year-round, which means that as we head into autumn it gets cold inside. So I wrapped myself in a blanket and headed to the sun.

And of course, you can tell why I came inside. Even wrapped in a blanket, it was kinda chilly once the shade crept up upon me. Even the mate stopped keeping me warm enough.

It was a fabulous afternoon; very peaceful. Reading about MBS/CDO/CDS for the CFA could not have happened in a better environment. Most of it isn't new to me, from reading stuff in the news over the past year, but it's still interesting. While reading, it re-occurred to me that most of the pundits' opinions that I read about the SEC's Goldman Sachs case is pretty puerile.

A couple other notes:

* It's amazing how many bugs there are. Within 5 minutes I had mosquitos, flies, locusts, spiders etc. It seemed to go away after a bit, but maybe I just got used to it.

* Not many people pass by, but since I am hidden inside my hedges it's hard not to overhear conversations. I heard a mother yelling at her kid as they walked down my street and an older married couple discussing their kid rather frankly.

* I was pretty immersed in my reading, but at one point I looked up and there was a cat about 10 yard from me in full-on hunting mode. Since there was nothing else around, he was clearly stalking me. It was mildly unnerving.

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