Saturday, April 3, 2010

I never did put up pictures

I realized I never put up pictures of where I live now.

Where I'm sitting now, mate in hand. It's a beautiful autumn day outside.

Notice the self-referential nature of this picture?

Not sure why I decided two pictures was necessary.

Kitchen. I think my mother in law made the curtains the color of River on purpose. At least there's no diagonal slash across them. Actually, yesterday she was making fun of me and telling me that she thought about making them that way to see how I would react.

Where I was sitting up until about 5 minutes ago watching Barcelona play. That Leo Messi is something, isn't he? Hold your breath every time he starts dribbling.

I liked this photo because of the refracted reflection in the window. This is out our front window to the street...pretty much blocked off by green.

We have a pretty odd shaped yard. And yeah, the lawn is something less than manicured. I cut the lawn with a weedwacker (thanks Dad!). That's pretty common here, since big lawns are definitely not the norm.

The bush off in the left of the photo above.

Standing at the bush looking back at the house. I purpose put the flower in the frame. We'll call that my moment of artistry, since all the rest of these pictures were point and shoot.

Standing in the middle of the yard looking towards the garage.

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