Thursday, May 2, 2013

5 years later

Not too long ago was the 5 year anniversary of my arrival in BA.  I celebrated by coming back.

Some things have changed: Argentine wife, Argentine kid, the exchange rate, inflation is worse

Some things have not changed: President Cristina is unpopular (although she did manage to get re-elected through very pervasive vote-buying), the purchasing price in dollars is about what it was 5 years ago (although the exchange rate went from 3.3ish to the now unofficial 9.5), the Kirchners are still trying to turn Argentina into Chavez-style Venezuela by cracking down on a free press.  She is also trying to end judicial independence.

Things do not look good for the economy, although I bet Cristina will somehow make it through the October mid-term election before any devaluation.  Stability until then is key to her plan to subjugate the judiciary branch.  After that, the economy here is a crapshoot.

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