Saturday, April 26, 2008

In a previous post, I offered that these were my reasons, in rough order, for moving to Buenos Aires:
cost of living, safety, food, soccer crazy, lifestyle, services, pretty women. We'll see if this holds up when I get there.

After 10 days here, let's evaluate, shall we? What's been great so far? Let me address, in order:

Cost of living: I'm Dutch. We like inexpensive places to live. This place is inexpensive right now.

Safety: Look, I may be robbed at gunpoint, but I've never felt safer. Seriously. Moreso than in NYC, Philly, etc.

Food: Wow. Amazing. I also live in the mecca of not just Portena-style (Buenos Aires style) restaurants. So far though, why would you not get a Malbec and an amazing steak? Wow. The appetizers are enough diversity for me.

Girls: Not every girl in Buenos Aires is beautiful. But most of them are at least close. I will have more to say about this topic. It is hard for me to imagine a place that has more beautiful women.

Soccer? Yes, they live for it. So do I. That's awesome.

Lifestyle? Look I'm not raising a family yet. It's awesome.

Services? Hmm. I haven't yet had a massage (so much for my planned Massage Mondays*), but rumors are that they suck here. I can see that.

Evaluating all this now? I don't know. The girls** and the food seems pretty important. I keep thinking about buying an apartment here.

* The plan was that every Monday I'd get an hour-long massage.
** I've found that the line "your english is better than my spanish" delivered in spanish is an effective flirt.

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