Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today's measure of how much I've improved en Espanol

One of my biggest guilty pleasures (as anyone who has ever lived with me knows) is Enrique Iglesias' Escape.* In Spanish or English. I play this song ad nauseum. I wouldn't say that it is unhealthy, but...probablemente. Apologies particularly to Nick, who has probably listened to this song 500 times, against his wishes. I played it at Rice, I played it at 2344, and I played it at Valhalla. And yes, it always got people dancing -- girls especially -- at Valhalla. !Meringue!

But even though I love the song in English, I've never been able to make out the words. It's just too bloody fast, and my Spanish is not so good. But tonight, I am listening to it and making out most of the words.

* And no, it's not just because of Anna Kournikova. Although the teller at the bank does look like her...but in a sexy Argentinean kind of way.

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