Sunday, May 4, 2008

I knew it hard to happen eventually

Last night I had a bottle of wine that I wasn't terribly fond of. It was a Syrah, the 2006 Los Haroldos. That's what I get for trying to branch out into something that isn't a Malbec. I found it bland, uninspiring, and a bit on the tart and acidic side.

I decided to try out another Syrah tonight. Normally, I'm quite the fan of Shiraz/Syrah, so why not? This Syrah is the 2007 Trapiche. A bit more fruit, a note of pepper. Something else I can't quite get my finger on -- I guess I'm not enough of a wine snob.* It's definitely better than last night's. But then, I'm still not a huge fan. This leads me to think that perhaps I'm not a huge fan of Argentina's Syrahs. Which is quite sad, because in the States I tend to look at the Pinot Noirs first, and then the Shiraz/Syrahs -- in truth, I generally choose the Australian or New Zealand Shirazes, as I prefer them to the Syrahs. [Edit: After writing this entire post, I have to say that this bottle is steadily improving. I'm particularly getting more complexity towards the finish, which is rather odd for Syrahs.]

Quite odd that I like Syrahs but apparently not so much Argentinean Syrahs because I was never a big fan of Malbecs until I had Argentine Malbecs. Hmm.

In other news, some ex-pat friends and I were discussing the best values in Argentina right now. We all agreed that it was the wines. Followed of course by the beef.

* In truth, the vast majority of my life's wine drinking was done with Kelli. Of course, since we were together for 2 years, that was a fair amount of wine. But not terribly recent.

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