Saturday, May 3, 2008

Socialism is bad for you

Today's Wall Street Journal has an article about three countries "where the dollar rules": South Africa, Argentina, and Indonesia. And then the whole article was about South Africa until near the end was this bit:
In Argentina, before an economic crisis hit at the end of 2001, the peso was trading one-to-one with the dollar. Today, a dollar buys more than three pesos. In a land known for superb beef, a steak at a nice restaurant costs about $12, and it is less than $10 at more-modest places. A subway ride is 25 cents and a 20-minute taxi ride is about $5. Like South Africa, many small, stylish hotels are available in the $100-to-$150 range.
And that paragraph was followed by 3 paragraphs about Indonesia.

In other words, strange article. But yes, things are cheap here for Americans. That's what happens when your two main political parties are both leftists: your economy sucks.

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Rachel said...

Shiiiit. If only it were cheaper to get a flight...

Houston misses you. In the sense that I can't just invite you to my next party or to come to the bar tonight...

You should also post on LJ so that I can read your journal more regularly.

Also, my entry tonight was so funny that I re-read it to myself to reflect and ended up cracking up. It involved Tippy's sex life.

Too bad I can't earn a living teaching online. Maybe someday. Miss you! Drunk! xoxoxo

p.s. I have to type a word in to verify before I comment?! Shiiiit .Hope I can do it drunk.