Friday, May 23, 2008

Since OJ had isotoners

I think I've found a place to live, starting June 30/July 1. Conveniently, that's exactly when I must move out of my current place. I have a thing for wasting money on rent.*

First the negative. It's in Belgrano, not Palermo Viejo or Recoleta. Of course, Belgrano is supposedly actually the richest barrio**. So, while it's a slight negative, it's actually only about 5 blocks from my current place, and is actually right next to the supermarket I walk to. It'll mean that I take the subway to spanish lessons everyday -- a move I've resisted only because I like feeling more proletariat by walking. But I think I can afford the 67 cents for the subway round trip. I'm going to have to tolerate walking a few more blocks to my favorite restaurant though.

It's an awesome place. It's in a good location in Belgrano, close to Cabildo Ave, but not too close for noise purposes (my current departamento is too close to the train tracks for my tastes). It's a swanky, new building. Unlike my current building, the portero (doorman) actually does his job once in awhile. Yo esto quiero. And the apartment is on the top floor. Meaning that it has some good views. Oh yeah, and there's this sweet, sweet rooftop terrace with an asado parrilla (barbecue grill, argentina-style). If you come to visit, we will eat red meat and drink red wine, as if we are Argentinos.

It's also quite cheap. Like living in Houston at Castle Court cheap. Given that it is a short-term lease in a furnished apartment in a great building with a terrace in a great part of town, I think I can tolerate it. Yeah...I think so.

It's also going to be a Spanish-only environment with my roommate. Which I really need, because my progress right now is pretty limited because I am taking 4 hours of classes a day, generally putting in 2-3 hours outside of class, and not improving nearly enough. It's not true immersion when you read in English and think in English all day.

Pictures when I get around to going to my place and taking pictures. Which means, not soon. I'm studying for the CFA, remember? Gosh!

* Phrases like "a thing for" make me nervous that I will never, ever be fluent in Spanish. That's not even a phrase you'd expect someone over 35 to use, but is fairly normal among my generation. As Skye told me, you can get to 90% fluency with effort, but the last 10% requires at more effort than the first 90%.

** Don't think this counts Puerto Madero. But I'd never want to live there anyway.

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