Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wah. No vacation for me. Don't cry for me, America.

Remember this post? Yeah.

I hate winter. Despise winter. I moved back to my homeland of Texas when I could, because it didn't have much of a winter (among other reasons, ldo*). So I moved to Buenos Aires. Alas! This means that I get winter twice this year. So I wanted to leave for a significant amount of time. Winter makes me sad, and I don't like being sad.

Here's one of the biggest drawbacks to Buenos Aires: horrible socialist government. True, but, specifically, I mean: aviation. It's expensive to fly into here and out of here. Flying to South African is like $2k+ USD. That's tough to justify. I'm way more likely to fly to Holland and visit the land that gave birth to me.

Well, sigh, I guess I'm just going to tough it out in heaven on earth. Well, fine! I'm planning a trip to Florianopolis (the best beach in Brazil) in the spring though. This is supposed to be an amazing beach. Argentine guys tell me that this place is full of beautiful Brazilian women. Are these Argentinos simply innured to what is around them or is Florianopolis that great? I am confused.

Also, one factor that I confess weighed into my considerations not to take a vacation: liquid assets. I just moved $xxx,000.00 into less liquid trades. Sigh. Even when you're quite confident that the future rewards is worth the current risk, it's still sometimes annoying to lose the liquidity. But measured against my utility curve....

*ldo = laughing, duh obviously. best expression ever.

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