Saturday, June 14, 2008

More movie reviews

Home of the Brave -- movie review in a different form, shall we?

[x] movie had Christina Ricci listed 4th but she was on screen for 2 minutes..........
[x] dialogue worse than Hemingway's.
[x] I don't understand why guys love Jessica Biel.
[x] Christina Ricci is sexy and exudes intelligence.
[ ] movie respected veterans.
[ ] I finished the movie.

The Final Season -- My guess is that movie critics hated this movie about a small-town high school team. I liked it. It wasn't phenomenal (wooden characters, predictable plot lines), but mark me down as someone who likes feel-good movies about sports. I'd watch it again. And Rachel Leigh Cook is cute in a business suit. Most girls are.

After Sex -- I probably should've realized that this movie was a series of vignettes couples. Some of them were well-done, others yawners. The first two actresses somehow both looked like Rachel McAdams on screen. Score points there.. And Emmanuelle Chiriqui is a great actress. Other than that, the fast forward button got used frequently.

Blow Dry -- If I recall correctly, I saw this movie in theaters a few months after 9/11 with some friends at Rice. This movie ranges from over-the-top satire to feel-good sappiness; in other words, it was a good movie to see at the time. I recall that we came to the cinema to watch something else, but it was sold out, so I talked folks into Blow Dry. Believe it or not, I don't think I knew at the time it had Rachael Leigh Cook in it.


Jenn said...

I also don't understand the fascination with Jessica Biel. Chriqui (oh crap, I can't spell her first OR last name) was the only good thing about You Can't Mess with the Zohan.

Evan said...

Funny enough, that's next on my list to watch and review.

I know it's very difficult to figure out how I pick movies.