Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One of the best meals of my life

After that post earlier, I got hungry. So I decided to go to a nice restaurant. It'd been awhile, I was hungry, and after posting reviews, I was in the mood.

I chose El Quia, which is in Palermo Hollywood, but still 10 blocks away or so, which is a bit to walk when it is chilly (40-45 degrees, I'm guessing).

My sister says that she wants more pictures, but less pictures of food. She will get what she wants, because she's awesome, but I'm still going to post the pictures of my meal. Sorry, Em. As the title indicates, this was a phenomenal meal.

This was my appetizer, which was amazing. I honestly had no idea what I was ordering, except that it was chicken. But, as I told myself at the time, why not go for it? The discovery is half the fun. This was the most tender, moise piece of chicken. Breaded, grilled, yum. Obviously I didn't remember to take my picture until after I'd started. In the upper left, you can see the sauce for the bread. I'm honestly not sure what this sauce was. After quite a bit of thought, I decided it was liver. I hated liver as a kid, and am not sure I like it today. But somehow this sauce -- especially combined with the french onion and garlic bread -- worked. I can't really explain how.

Picture quality isn't so great. This was a cut of chorizo (the cuts are different in Argentina). I'm not the biggest steak eater, but this may be the best I've had. Definitely close.

My dessert, chocolate volcano. This was excellent. Not earthshattering, as I've had similar in the US, but very very good.

I got a cup of the house red, which was good and a generous pour. Furthermore, the owner gave me a flute of champagne after my dessert. A nice touch, since he may have figured I was a tourist who would never come back.

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