Sunday, June 22, 2008

Off to Igazu

I leave in the next half hour for Igazu with Jennifer and Betty, so I probably won't be writing here for awhile.

Fun last week, just didn't get around to blogging. Monday I went to a restaurant that had opened 3 days before. It was a gorgeous, though semi-chilly day, so I ate on the sun-splashed second floor terrace. Tuesday, watched soccer with John, then he and I met up with Dave for dinner before going to a bar to watch the NBA playoffs. It was packed with American college kids, and honestly it made me feel like I wasn't an American. So. Annoying. I thought I might slap some of them. I forget what I did Weds besides the Brazil v. Argentina game. Thurs Betty came, we went to a nice lunch before I passed out. Friday Jennifer arrived and we met her friend Diego. We went shopping in Soho, where I attempted to flirt with a girl at a clothing store. That was fun, I'll probably go back and ask her out, because (among other things) she spoke the right amount of English: very little. Then we went ice skating with some friends of Diego's. Yesterday went down to Centro to Guerrin Pizza, then I watched Holland play the most uninspiring football in a loss to a Dutch-coached Russia (I'm not surprised, this is the norm for Holland. Raise expectations, watch them get crushed.) We went out to dinner in Canitas at a parilla with some fantastic red wine and red meat and then met Diego for ice cream.

Hmm, the week was much more exciting than I made it sound. On to Igazu!

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Nik said...

Your lack of blogging saddens and disappoints me. How am I, a lowly peon stuck in Houston, supposed to live my world traveling life in proxy if you don't write about yours?

On the other hand, Molly and I are still considering BA as a place to move to sometime in the future.