Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I moved

I have stories to tell, but I am too lazy to tell them. Maybe later... which means never, probably. I'd like to say that I have standards for my story telling (it takes effort to tell a story well!) but this blog clearly proves that false.

The point of this blog is to tell you how great Buenos Aires is, not necessarily what I'm doing in my life. Though there may be some of that.

I moved to Belgrano. I'll put some pictures up eventually of the new place. So far though, I love it. Bigger bedroom, huge living room, top floor of the building. And the rooftop terrace is amazing, and will be awesome when it isn't winter. I can definitely see having people over to use the grill for red meat, drink red wine, and be Argentines. (holla back grammar nazis)

Have I mentioned that it's cheap? (by USD standards). It's about the ridiculously low rate I paid in Houston for the last few years. But I'm definitely getting more.

In some ways the best part is my roommate's girlfriend.* So far, she's great. She speaks Spanish with me (and is patient!), she cleans up for me, she cleans the apartment generally, is a great mother to her son, and is generally the sort of happy, fun person that is good to have around. <3 Latin girls. What? What?

*Roommate is pretty cool too.

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