Sunday, June 8, 2008

Things that I don't like; will this blog continue?

I'm not really sure why I write this blog, and I spend enough time on it that I need a justification for this time. I think it's because: 1) I like telling stories, 2) I hope I get to communicate with people back home, 3) I'm narcissistic and like to talk about myself.

Actually, not 3. I've been accused way too many times (usually by girls) that I don't talk about myself much. Sorry, I am not interesting to me. I'd rather talk about things that interest me. Argentina! Soccer! Statistics! Finance! Politics! Girls! Beer! Beef!

Anyway, it is inevitable that friends in Argentina will begin to find this blog, for various reasons. I fear that this will hinder my candor. This leaves me in an uncertain state.

A. Continue the blog.
B. Take steps to ensure (mostly) only Americans read this.
C. Shut 'er down.

If a few friends hadn't told me that they enjoyed the blog recently, I'd probably be leaning towards C. Interestingly, they were all married guys. Apparently my female and single male friends have better things to do. Hmm?

So I'm not sure. I've had some short-lived blogs before (remember the blog where I chronicled my adventures in hitting on girls? That was fun!). This blog doesn't make me money. And although I like not having to retell the same stories over and over, I like having personal interaction, even if it's on IM.


MJM said...

dude who cares if the argentinians find the blog... all you do is rave about their country. and for the record, i'm not married and i think you should continue it.

Jenn said...

Keep em coming!!!! I like the writing, Evan... I would be sad if it stopped.

Elaine said...

I'm a reader! +1 for Females.

Craig said...

+1 Unmarried and enjoying it
You talk a lot more about Wine than Beer, but the alliteration was nice.

Evan said...

true, i do talk about wine here, but only because Argentina has no good beer. sad.

Mark - i definitely think negative things about this place. guess i just never post 'em

Kevin Whited said...

I don't know why it took me so long, but I only discovered this today. I hope you keep up with it. There are so many places I want to go that I need to live vicariously through friends as much as I can. I'm selfish -- so what? :)