Sunday, June 8, 2008

Women's fashions that I despise

First, it was the pointy-toed shoes. Honey, take off those pointy-toed shoes. They don't make your legs look longer, they just make you look like [an idiot]. Seriously, your calves look the same no matter what shoes you're wearing. You may think you look powerful, but everyone is laughing at your overdone wannabe trendiness behind your back. Seriously. Grow up. This isn't Sex and the City and you are not Sarah Jessica Parker.

And then...white girls with nose rings. It may occasionally look sexy on Indian girls, but your curry isn't that good, so let's just leave the nose rings to the Indian girls, shall we?

Consider this a segue...Dear Argentine girls, you are so beautiful. [How do people ever get married in this country? There are too many beautiful people to choose just one.] But what's up with the piercings, yo? Why do half the girls on the street have this weird cheek piercing (go into the mouth, go up and to the side as far as you can go and then pierce)? It's not sexy. And seriously, a symmetric face is the most basic component of attractiveness. You are ruining that.

I'm not even going to get into the tramp stamp. For some odd reason, some of the most demure looking girls I've met have them.

Sometimes I want to cry when I walk down the street and see so many beautiful girls who have this random piercing floating around the middle of one side of their face. So sad.

Argentina is not perfect. Not even the girls. But I like it. And them.

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