Monday, August 18, 2008

Movie reviews

Superbad -- The teenaged boy inside of me thought this was the funniest movie he'd seen in the last 10 years. Well, equal to Wedding Crashers.

Being John Malkovich -- So many people I respect think this movie is great, but I just didn't enjoy it. It didn't seem terribly memorable to me either.

A Life Less Ordinary -- I didn't see how this movie brought anything extraordinary to the table. Standard extortion caper turned lovestory. Ewan McGregor is a good actor though, the one saving grace.

28 Days Later -- I thought this movie was going to be stupid, but it was awesome. Hasn't post-apocalyptic been done? The early scenes did not encourage me, but it was a surprisingly exceptional movie. I think all Presbyterians should love Danny Boyle's movies, and he's definitely one of my favorite directors. It was weird seeing the villian of Red Eye and Batman Begins as the hero though.

Blue Velvet -- The movie kinda freaked me out towards the beginning, then bored me towards the end. Critics love this movie, to me it didn't really stand out.

Carlito's Way -- I hate to praise Sean Penn, but he was excellent. A little predictable, but still good. A little long though, when I didn't feel like there was much plot. Although after the Sopranos, I often seem to think this about mob movies. Definitely watching all the mob movies makes me appreciate even more of the nuances of the Sopranos though.

Crash -- Many trite threads tie together into a cliche. I only watched the first half of the movie, and maybe it improves, but I highly doubt it. "Dude, let's make a movie about racial stereotypes, and then we'll always go for The Obvious." If I recall correctly, this won Best Picture. That makes me laugh.

Thank You For Smoking -- Very entertaining. Cute and breezy; won't win any awards for its endurance, but enjoyable.

Catch Me If You Can -- I could pretty much write the same as above for this movie as well. I find Leonardo DiCaprio annoying, but he does pick some good movies.

Reservoir Dogs -- I don't appreciate Quentin Tarantino movies. There's alot of violence, but to no end. At least in something like the Sopranos it serves a purpose. Almost everything about this movie was predictable, and I'm the worst at predicting movies.

The Life Aquatic -- Definitely my least favorite Wes Anderson movie.

The Untouchables -- The whole movie I kept thinking, "what if they'd cast someone other than Kevin Costner as Elliott Ness?" It was good, but didn't quite seem deserving of how some people talk about it.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan -- Emmanuelle Chiriqui is so cute. The jokes about Mel Gibson were funny, and more or less in the Jewish/Israel theme. But I really don't understand how Adam Sandler did classics like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore when he now comes out with this stuff.

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yet another rice alum said...

Re: Catch Me If You Can: Be interested in your take on The Great Imposter (1961) w/Tony Curtis.