Sunday, August 17, 2008

More restaurant reviews

Pretend like you care, ok? I like my reviews. This could be massive.

Rio Alba -- we got a parillada (traditional Argentinean bbq that you will get if you go to an asado. If you are friends with an Argentinean and visit, you are destined to go to an asado, unless the portenos really don't like you). I didn't get enough to eat, but the food was good. I don't know; didn't stand out to me. However, given that I usually get steaks (bife de lomo or bife de chorizo) it's harder to compare. Not that I don't love asados; I do.

Federico -- Apparently all lunches downtown are expensive. I got sushi for the first time here. Hrm. I enjoyed it at the time, but when I processed it later, it wasn't really that good. Sometimes it takes me awhile to think about sushi; can't really explain why.

Una palabra -- went here for lunch a good while back. I remember the menu being much different, and was very disappointed at the menu when I saw it. But then both entrees and the appetizer were excellent. I got chicken because I was in the mood (got a problem with that, foodies?) and it was amazing. Everything on the plate worked together like a beautiful symphony. I highly recommend this place.

Cielito Lindo -- mexican place in soho. Call me a cheto (snob...sorta) but I just prefer my Texmex on Navigation Avenue. I got the huevos rancheros to be safe. Was decent. But I eat Mexican food like every day in Houston.

La Lunera -- I found this place to be extremely disappointing. It seemed like they claim close at things only to fail. At the time, there was nearly some judgment about all restaurants in Las Canitas. I ordered a steak jugoso (rare), and it came out well done for like a centimeter and then totally raw in the middle. Obviously the heat was way, way too high. So I sent it back, and I get back a steak that is totally well done. Um, yeah. Great. The steak was pretty good for a well-done steak, but not nearly as good as like Social Paraiso. My wineglass was too small, and they overcompensated by filling it to the brim. To the point where I couldn't swirl my wine for that first taste. My dessert (panqueques with apple flambeed in rum) was overrich, overdone, and not overwhelming. Oh, and since everything was almost there, but not quite, the waitress was cute too, except that she had one of those noxious cheek beautymark piercings that I detest (have I written about this here? so terrible!). In short, I would not go here again. I hope you had guessed that by now.

T-Bone. Great service. Good appetizer. Entree schmeh. Friend concurred that his entree was also schmeh. On the other hand, a different friend got the grilled vegetables and it looked fantastic. If I go back to T-Bone, I will get the grilled vegetables. I believe this is called irony.

Tonno -- upscale pizza place in Las Canitas. It did nothing for me, the only pizza I like here is Pizza Pet, which grows on me everytime I get it. My Porteno amigo liked it, but I think maybe he just said that because I picked the place. On the other hand...I think I really just like Porteno pizza very much. If isn't Margarita's, it isn't perfect.

Bar 6 -- Place in Soho. I got a wok which was very enjoyable but not memorable. That's about all there is that I remember about this place, except that it was packed with extranjeros (foreigners). Damn Yankees.

Capo -- I enjoyed this place in Soho, it was decent Italian food. The owner offered us several free drinks, which I appreciate. Free is fun. Still, this restaurant didn't quite stand out to me. Good, I'd go back there if someone suggested it, but I am unlikely to venture back without stimulus.

Montana Bistro -- Over in Caballito, this is just a great place. If this was in Palermo, it would be a regular stop for me like Aire or Sudestada. Definitely a possible date place in the future, if I'm willing to endure trying to talk to the date in a taxi before we get there. So, how are you, I don't speak Spanish, how are you? Are we there yet? Maybe the best service I've had in Buenos Aires (generally, I think Americans overcomplain about the restaurant service here). Appetizer swell, table bread warm and seemed to be homemade, entree fantastic. Ambience very nice. And relatively speaking, very well priced. The only reason that Montana isn't more expensive is because it's in Caballito. Highly recommended.


yet another rice alum said...

I still don't think Margheritas is the best ever.

Evan said...

So wrong. So wrong.