Sunday, August 17, 2008

What would you do if you won 400k?

So my roommate and I were discussing what we'd do if we won the 400k prize we were semi-competing for (don't feel like explaining the backstory). I said, "that's life changing money." And he agreed. And then I thought about how my life would change if I won 400k. And I couldn't really come up with anything.

I'd go out and buy a nice steak* for dinner, but I do that on like 40% of nights anyway. So, schmeh. I thought that I wouldn't sweat the downswings, but I still would. Maybe I'd be more likely to buy a house when I returned to Houston in a few years. But I've pretty much decided not to buy a house until I get married. I love not having responsibility by renting; it's like outsourcing things I don't want to do. I guess my MBA would be paid for, but it's probably more that I wouldn't be tempted to take the fullride for MBA in order to go to a top 5ish program. Schmeh.

So yeah, I guess life might be slightly different down the road, but I can't say that winning 400k would really change my life or make me happier. Aside from the very temporary dopamine surge, by the time the money would matter at all, my brain would be pretty accustomed to it. Yeah, there'd be more stability down the road, and I am a junkie of avoiding risk whenever possible, but schmeh.

That felt pretty good to realize that I wouldn't change much, because it means I'm making good life decisions. I'd be the same guy, wear the same clothes, drive the same car, still live in Buenos Aires, still go get an MBA in a few years. I'd still plan to never put myself in a position to have to work in a job I despise for people who I don't respect. Hmm...guess I'd better avoid getting married. Doesn't seem to be a problem so far.

And of course, the last thing I'd ever do is talk about the fact that I'd won.

*and by nice, I mean phenomenal. I'm just used to it.

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