Friday, August 29, 2008

Picture dump

This is some greenspace in Chacaritas. Chris, this was near y'all's place... it's the park on Cordoba.

I'm standing at a Shell (you can see upper right) on Cordoba Ave, and for some reason I liked the look of this intersection. Girls want boyfriends that have skills. I do not have photography skills.

I don't know if you can see how many people are packed into that subway car, but this isn't even peak time. This picture is only like the Diet Coke of semi-packed.

Apparently that flash don't work so well inside subway stations.

This is inside the Scalabrini Ortiz subte station. I'll take some other pictures, but these little newstands are everywhere in Buenos Aires. Every block or two, sometimes more. [Edit: This probably isn't the case in the poorer barrios, or in the suburbs. In fact, I can't recally seeing many in the suburbs.] They basically have every publication known to man in there, as far as I can tell. The selection is impressive. Plus the big Guia-T, which i still need to buy. [The Guia-T is the map for the colectivos, which is BsAs very impressive bus system.]

So, I ordered a brownie and it came out with a tiny little spoon, which is why we took a picture of me eating a brownie with a spoon. Portenos apparently hate to ever touch their food. A friend tells me that he only touches his food when he's eating empanadas in his house. Otherwise, it's knife and fork. Personally, I refuse to use knife and fork on pizza, even though pizza here is ridiculous and basically requires knife and fork.

A few blocks from me, there is this little place that apparently rents Santa gnomes for parties. I don't really get it, but hey... I took 2 pictures to make sure that you could see the blue one. Who wants a blue Santa lawn gnome? And who uses a lawn gnome without a yard, since not too many people have lawns in Capital.

I guess this is like a mini firestation. When the door is down, I would never know that it is a fire station. This is in Hollywood.

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