Saturday, August 23, 2008


So, I was out in the suburbs tonight with a friend of mine eating dinner (Brazilian place called Comics, very good. $4 got me a decent hamburger and an excellent all you can eat salad bar with some crazy blended kiwi drink while listening to samba music. me gusta.) when he says to me:

"Evan, I have to say something serious to you....Your spanish is not improving."

Ouch. So the girl I was kinda dating is super-enthusiastic about everything, yesterday I asked her if my Spanish was improving, and she said "Si, si, but I couldn't understand anything you said today." So I guess it wasn't really a yes and I should resume taking classes so that I can speak Argentine.


yet another rice alum said...

so, is improvement in a language a monotonically increasing function or is it a step function?

Evan said...

i have no idea. theoretically it seems to me that it is probably a linear increase, except that one's self-perception of learning is a step function.

my friend thought I'd been here longer than 4 months, even though he met me soon after i moved here. he retracted his statement slightly when i told him only 4 months, but he still thinks i'm not improving much. he's probably right about the last month.

yet another rice alum said...

my guess is a step function...but considering i've never had one, what do i know?