Thursday, September 4, 2008

lol mbaments

I'm not sure that people who work in MBA Admissions offices are very bright.

Today I got an email from London School of Business that had a typo in the subject. This was something I recall happening frequently last year.

And Fuqua can probably recall my many rants on the things I would get from MBA schools last winter. Like, why would a school from some ugly city in the cold North ranked 49th pay $3 in postage to unsolicitedly send me brochures that probably cost a few dollars, and not include a fee waiver or some sort of potential scholarship incentive? They know my GMAT score, it's in the file when they pull it from GMAT.

Anyway, though I find the process immensely distasteful, a bunch of schools are having recruitment fairs in Buenos Aires in the next week. I frequently have free time in the afternoon, so I figured I'd wander out there. What I find distasteful is that elite schools go out and recruit and lie to people about "yeah, you have a chance to be admitted. We take people every year who are well below our GMAT/GPA means." Of course, most of those admittees do not fit my demographic profile. Seriously, if you need to be recruited to apply to Stanford or Northwestern, you should save your time and money: you aren't getting in.

So basically they spend all this money to go out, basically lie to people so that they can reject them and keep their numbers high for USNews rankings. Awesome; I'm pretty sure this is not a job I could ethically allow myself to do, unless maybe I was starving. Maybe this is why they don't like their jobs and can't ever spell anything right in anything they send me.

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