Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The one in which Diego saves my life

So I head out to Olivos (northern suburb) on Saturday night. I was taking the bus instead of the train; not exactly sure why. There's pros and cons to both, and they come out to relatively similar time frames. I've taken the bus out there at least a few times, although I have more frequently taken it back into the city.

Anyway, bus takes a little detour from what I was expecting, but I've read that this sometimes happens, so when the bus driver turned back towards the route I was expecting, I wasn't too worried. Five second later, we were getting on the Pan American Highway. Apparently there is more variability in this route than I thought. Oops.

Since I had just purchased my guide to the bus system 10 minutes before (ironic, no?), I decide to try and see if I can figure out where I'm going. Oh no way, no how. So I just ride the bus for awhile, as we seem to be going down the Autopista Panmericana and I figure maybe I'll see Olivos. Nope. I think maybe I see a sign for a city I know, so I get off. I call Diego, read him a sign where I was. Fortunately for me, he knew where I was, more or less. And he told me it was a really bad area of town and that I needed to get out of it immediately.

So I start running down the side of the Pan American Highway. Good times, jogging down the feeder in khakis and dress shoes. Eventually I find a Walmart, Diego picks me up, and I still have two working kidneys.

Ended up at a birthday party for a girl I don't know, so it was still a successful Saturday night.


Jenn said...

Evan, emphatically. No dying allowed!

Evan said...

I don't think they'd have killed me. Just taken my cell phone and 300 pesos.

But it wasn't worth sticking around to find out.