Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Silver linings in dark clouds

It's apparently a done deal that Maradona will coach La Seleccion, and I am quite sad about it. Is there any evidence that the man knows how to coach? He's had two brief tenures with 2 non-huge (that is, not Boca, River or San Lorenzo) clubs in Argentina. He didn't seem too well at dealing with the pressure of success while playing (how was that for a euphemism?). How is he going to do as the manager of one of the best -- and maybe the best right now, recent qualifying results aside -- national team in the world? Poorly, I think. And I really don't want to waste Messi's talent on a futilely-coached Argentine team. Un lastima!

On the other hand, I hold hope that after Maradona fails (a probability, although with this level of talent, not a certainty), that Argentina will end the ridiculous and sometimes counter-productive worship of Maradona.

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