Thursday, October 30, 2008

US political coverage in the rest of the world

I just read the most remarkable article in Clarin. Translated, the headline was something like "Arizona, the most racist state in the US, home of John McCain." The first two paragraphs said that everytime a latino leaves his house in Arizona, he assumes that he is likely to be robbed or beaten by the police." Then it went on to talk about how this was the state of McCain. And that was the summation of the article, basically.

If you're reading this, no matter your political persuasion, you probably know that 1) McCain really isn't from Arizona, he's from the military (he only moved there to run for Congress), 2) Arizona isn't the most racist state or even that close, 3) the opening paragraphs were ridiculous, and 4) McCain has probably spent more political capital and taken more political blows fighting for comprehensive immigration reform than anyone else in Congress (no mention of that).

I can't figure out the motives behind the article. I assume the Argentine writer just wants Argentines to hate McCain. But why bother? Argentines don't vote. Just bizarre.

By the way, Clarin is the centrist paper in Argentina.


Nik said...

Look, when you have a reliable boogey man in the form of the United States, and you can even manifest it in the form of a current president no one in your country likes (and his possible successor from the same party) of course you rail against it in every way possible. It brings readership.

Word Verification: SUCTILE, which sounds vaguely dirty.

Evan said...

Ok, but...there's plenty of things that you could easily spin that are at least vased on some nub of truth, right? Why make stuff up out of whole cloth that is basically the opposite of the truth?

I just don't get it. It seems to me that the converse would be someone writing that Obama was really a hardcore libertarian who would slash the size of government but otherwise be as much like George Bush as possible.